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About WSO2

WSO2 helps businesses succeed with a digital transformation and helps to improve the interaction with customers and employees. The best thing about WSO2 is the fact that it is 100% Open Source. This means it's available for everyone, and doesn't require any sort of licence whatsoever.

WSO2 works with the award winning WSO2 Carbon Framework, which allows multiple systems to communicate with each other at the same time.
Another great thing about WSO2 are the modules like WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). These modules can be combined with the WSO2 Identity Server for extra security.

WSO2 Products

WSO2 has a broad range of products which you need for a successful digital transformation. All products are easy to combine with other components and work easily together.

Find a brief overview of the most popular WSO2 products below:

Enterprise Service Bus

WSO2 ESB is one WSO2's most well-known products. The reason for that is because the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus offers an improved way of delivering messages across different systems.

Most systems are inefficient in the way they handle communications. This can cause problems like bottlenecks or lag.

The WSO2 ESB offers a better solution. It makes sure all communications between systems run smoothly through the ESB. This allows systems to work more efficiently and improves the workflow.


API Manager

The WSO2 API Manager is a special designed module from WSO2 for creating and publishing APIs. The API Manager allows you to control and decide every aspect of your API, like who can access it and under what circumstances.

Another great thing about the WSO2 API Manager is the interface.
It is very user-friendly, with an easy to use interface where you can change your personal preferences. You can even customize the interface to your liking.

Lots of companies already use the API Manager and more and more are joining every day. See what the WSO2 API Manager can do for your company with the help of Yenlo.

WSO2 API Manager

Identity Server

The WSO2 Identity Server is the backbone of all WSO2 modules. It connects and manages identities across all platforms. So all interaction between an API, the cloud and the client will be identified.

This identification makes it very secure and safe to use. The Identity Server is combinable with modules like WSO2 ESB and WSO2 API Manager.

WSO2 Identity Server

Carbon Framework

All the modules that WSO2 offers are based on the WSO2 Carbon Framework.

The Carbon Framework is an integration platform that WSO2 uses to build their modules. Each module is a collection of Carbon components that are cleverly combined to get the best performance.

Every component has certain benefits that help the module function. This technic has allowed WSO2 to build their incredible modules that are used world-wide every day.

WSO2 Carbon

WSO2 in Action

Now that you know what WSO2 is, you might be interested in a real-life expample. Read some of Yenlo's Case Studies. These Case Studies show a wide variety of companies that have used WSO2 and why they have chosen for WSO2.

Yenlo also offers White Papers with information about WSO2 technology. So you can stay up to date on the latest changes of WSO2.


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